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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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ld kwan river. initially, crew reported his wife missing. but under questioning by fairfax county detectives he finally confessed, a chilling confession full of detail. the couple had been at the fairfax county courthouse the day she was killed august 7, 2013 for a domestic violence case but andrea asked the charge be dropped. on the way home she threatened to take her daughters and leave and that's when crew strangled her, the force so great, it broke her neck. today crew's attorney asked for 25 years, saying his client is remorseful. but prosecutors asked for the life sentence and got what both they and andrea crew's family was hoping for. >> you never find happiness in any of these cases, in any murder case. my reaction initially to the sentence was that justice was found for andrea for her family. it's one of the worst cases of first degree murder as articulated today and one of the first i have seen in my time here. >> reporter: coming up on news4
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at 6:00 reaction from one of andrea's closest friends. you'll hear some of that very chilling confession and find out what caleb crew had to say in the courtroom today directly to the victim's family. reporting live from fairfax county i'm julie carey, news4. just a few days ago, when we saw driving winds and snow and ice too, now it's all melting. but there is some real concern about what's next for us tonight. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson joins us now from the weather center to explain. vj? >> that is guys. and we had a lot of melting take place today, easy to do. we stopped out at 42 our warmest since monday. in fact look at the temperatures now. they're still holding mid and upper 30s across the area from manassas at 34. 37 in town. already at freezing and just below, around sandy spring. hanging on to 40 around fredericksburg and down south around quantico. here is the deal. by around 8:00 to 9:00 this evening, our temperatures in
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many neighborhoods will hit that freezing mark. and we're going to stay below freezing throughout the day tomorrow. but very critical overnight. we'll see a lot of refreeze. that means possible -- some slick conditions with black ice around the area. and that i think, could be an issue whether on roads or even on sidewalks where we have some of those icy spots. so black ice tonight. sub freezing tomorrow. monday morning, potential even of some freezing rain around the area. in just a couple minutes, when i return i'll take you hour by hour through saturday and show how the weather is going to impact your weekend. this is the time of year when a lot of people are hurt when they wander on to frozen ponds and rivers only to find the ice isn't solid. and you fall through. well local rescue teams today demonstrate the dangers. they went to a frozen pond in potomac to make their point. >> reporter: i'm mark segraves. what would you do if this happened to you? coming up in ten minutes, i'll tell you what you need to know to stay alive. to you to the latest on that terror situation, still
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unfolding in and around paris. three suspects are dead tonight after two simultaneous hostage your ordeals. at the offices of satirical newspaper "charlie hebdo." special forces shot and killed him at an industrial park 20 miles outside paris. back in the city tonight, they killed a man believed to be associated with the brothers who took hostages inside a kosher market. government officials say four hostages were also killed during that siege. president obama speaking earlier today said he's hopeful the immediate threat has been resolved. >> france is our oldest ally. i want the people of france to know that the united states stands with you today. stands with you tomorrow. we grieve with you. we fight alongside you to uphold our values the values that we share. >> well the president and his top advisers have been getting
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regular updates on the situation in france so they can mak decisions here, and american interests in paris. joining us live is white house correspondent, kristen welker. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: wendy, white house officials say that top officials here have been in contact with their french counterparts on a minute-by-minute basis throughout this day, as those developments were unfolding in france. as you pointed out, president obama getting regular briefings. he had an extensive briefing earlier today. he of course traveled to knoxville, tennessee, where he talked about education. he talked about manufacturing. but really what was happening in france dominated the discussions behind the scenes here at the white house. president obama has been unveiling various policies that he's going to talk about in his state of union address all week long so he's been on the road. but he has been focused on what's happening overseas. just yesterday, on air force one, a call with his national security team to get updated on what was happening in france. but also to get updated on the security posture here within the
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united states. and we know that federal officials have told state and local officials to be on heightened alert. we know that there has been extra security at french embassies in major cities like new york chicago, boston atlanta. the secret service has stepped up some of its patrols. also important to point out, though there is no known terror threat here in the united states. but, of course intelligence officials very vigilant right now. in addition to trying to stay on top of the situation in the investigation, president obama also showing united states support and solidarity of france. just yesterday, he made an unannounced stop at the french embassy here in washington, d.c. calling france the united states' oldest ally. of course it has been a key ally in the united states' fight against isis. back to you. >> kristen welker thank you. with the recent high-profile stories on the dangers facing our law enforcement around the country and the world, today here at home we are seeing special efforts to show some appreciation for the men and women who are charged with protecting and serving our
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community. news4's kristin wright is live tonight in alexandria where we're set to see a show of support there. kristin? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. a special tribute to law enforcement will happen here at the masonic temple tonight, and we'll be here for that. but first, what we saw today and very clearly, is that while there are impassioned protesters challenging police, are there also impassioned supporters. >> thank you for your sacrifices. we see what you do and we support you. >> reporter: loyalty and unwavering support for law enforcement runs deep at this rally, stepping off from the rockville police department. >> all lives matter! police lives matter too. >> reporter: ally organized the march on this first national law enforcement appreciation day. she was married to a police officer for many years. her daughter is an officer now. >> they load up kiss their families goodbye and do not know if they're coming back. >> nobody is perfect. there are two sides to every
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story and people make mistakes terrible things happen. but for the most part you know they really do a great job. >> reporter: given the recent protests against police rockville's chief says his department gets it right. >> i think that you have to have dialogue. you have to talk with one another about the issues and concerns that people have. >> reporter: and food for the soul. potomac pizza donated 100 pizzas to varies agencies in montgomery county. >> we have them coming in and out all day, or late at night when we're closing up and they're just starting their shifts. >> reporter: back at the rally, a balloon release to end the march. >> balloons represent 126 officers that died in the line of duty in 2014. >> reporter: tonight at 6:00 we will show you how law enforcement officers honored here at the masonic temple. redskins fans hope he's the key to winning a super bowl. tonight, new general manager,
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scott mccloughan, is getting to know his way around redskins pash. he was introduced today out of ashburn. mccloughan is considered one of the best talent evaluators in the league and had his pick of teams to work with. in our next half hour tonight, jason pugh explains how owner dan snyder was the key factor in recruiting him here to the team. nearly a month later, still no answers on that smelly water problem in part of the district last month. we've learned investigators have not found the source of the petroleum type smell. you may remember that water led -- that smelly water led to a do not drink advisory for three days in the logan circle and shaw area in northwest. officials say they are checking the buildings in the area to make sure they have backflow prevention and checking all construction and utility work. they're also going to look at underground fuel tanks in that region. a threat on social media prompted an increased police presence today at a local high school. this was flowers high school in prince george's county earlier. police tell us they traced the threat back to a student from the school.
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he confessed to investigators, and could face criminal charges now. the school system is also taking disciplinary action. a letter went home to parents today, reminding them to monitor their kids' posts. police say there was never a credible threat to the students or the school. prince george's county police identified the man who was shot and killed in temple hills yesterday. 47-year-old kenneth washington was found dead inside his apartment on good hope avenue. detectives believe the victim was targeted. they believe the motive appears to be robbery, and at this time they don't have any word of suspects. developments this afternoon in the jesse matthew case in fairfax county. a short time ago, we got word from fairfax court that matthew is to be held at fairfax jail until his trial in march. matthew is charged with attempted murder and two felonies in a 2005 attack. he's also accused of abducting uva student, hannah graham. this afternoon, the judge in fairfax also denied a gag order in the case. and granted money for the
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defense to hire a dna expert. matthew's father was at today's court hearing and said it was good to see his son. it's a murder for hire scheme that was captured on undercover police video. for the first time we see how a gaithersburg man plotted to kill his ex-wife. and we're going to learn what he told -- unknowingly told an officer. a woman on birth control finds out she is pregnant one hour -- one hour before she gives birth. we'll explain how a new mom didn't realize she was expecting. and dogs are rescued before they became a meal. we're going to share the story of rusty the dog and how he was saved by coming to our area. aww.
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a lot of lakes and ponds in our region are frozen after the temperatures plunged this week. it may be tempting to go on top of that ice, but a word of warning, don't do it. >> don't do it at all. montgomery county rescuers went to a pond in potomac today with a go pro camera to demonstrate just how dangerous it can be. news4's mark segraves was there. >> reporter: it's a beautiful scene with the trees and the snow. and the ice-covered pond. and while this may look like the perfect place to go ice skating, even a scene as beautiful as this can turn deadly in a matter of seconds.
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>> coming for you. stay calm. >> reporter: these first responders from montgomery county fire and rescue's swift water team are practicing for the inevitable. each year the frozen ice on ponds and lakes lead to accidents and even deaths. it was a year ago this month a 10-year-old boy fell through the ice on a drainage pond in gaithersburg and died. >> people think they're safe they don't think they're that deep, and don't realize from the surface exactly how much water is in them. >> reporter: the ice on this pond is several inches thick. it doesn't take much to break through. >> we consider all ice to be dangerous, and that was what we would advise anybody. if you see the ice, stay off the ice. >> reporter: if you or someone you're with doe ice, first try not to panic. >> the most important thing you can do is to survive the first 60 to 90 seconds of the cold shock when you hit the cold water. so as simple as it sounds keep your head above water and not
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breathe a lot of cold air into your system and try to find something to hang on to. so try to get to the edge of the ice where you fall in. and just hold on and keep your head above water. >> reporter: and if you see someone fall through the ice, don't go in the water after them. while you may think it's safe, the cold water can cripple you. >> and it doesn't take long for you to start to have cognitive degradation from the cold. you lose dexterity where your hands aren't working anymore, they're just like big clubs and that happenseporter: experts warn there is no body of water in our area that freezes over to the point where it's ever 100% safe to go out on. coming up at 6:00 you'll hear firsthand from someone who has been in that water, as to what it feels like. in montgomery county mark segraves news4. >> thank you, mark. cool perspective. a building nearly 230 years old is flooded out and closed tonight after a pipe there burst. a sprinkler pipe busted at the gatsby's tavern museum in alexandria old town here this
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afternoon. shutting down the museum through sunday. the gatsby's tavern restaurant portion of the complex was not affected. the winter warmer ladies' tea event will take place sunday as scheduled. a woman in massachusetts goes to the hospital because she had some cramps. turns out she was pregnant and an hour later in this big old baby. not a premie. big baby. didn't know she was pregnant. a lot of reasons why she didn't think she was. >> that baby is topping ten pounds. >> a lot of the reasons make sense. we've got that story coming up. but first, we've got to look at the weekend coming and -- today was actually kind of pleasant. wasn't too bad. >> a lot of folks were telling me it felt like a heatwave compared to where we have been. minus 10 to 40. >> and take the wind out of the equation. >> exactly. and sunshine and all ofall right. but the big story tonight is the refreeze and the fact that we're going to see some black ice. it's all about what you don't see a lot of times, right? and that's just it.
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a lot of melting of the snow today, so it's going to refreeze tonight, make sure you use caution, watch your speed on bridges, overpasses on ramps, off-ramps. i know we tell you all of the time but again, just know that we're expecting temperatures to drop under the freezing mark by look at this 7:00 8:00 or so. 29 degrees by 9:00 this evening. by 11:00 p.m. we're down to 26 already. and there could be a little bit of wind too that comes in late tonight. as far as cloud cover goes we're in the clear here. some clouds to our west just a few. frederick and winchester. overall, this weekend is going to be really nice until we get to late sunday. during the late afternoon, early evening hours. let me show what i mean. this is your future weather. you can see we're cold and clear tonight. clouds again staying to the west. by afternoon tomorrow it's sunshine across the area. we stay under the influence of a big area of high pressure that helps us out and early sunday we're clear. watch this clouds start moving in around lunch time on sunday just a few.
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and then more clouds by 3:00 4:00 in the afternoon. and this is all coming in with the next weath that's going to be arriving monday morning. and a little later in the newscast i'll talk more about that the potential for some wintry type of weather that could impact roads again. sunny and pretty tomorrow. look at this hourly forecast. holding around 17 degrees. around 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. and 11:00 a.m. 19 we hit the 20 degree mark by 1:00. high temperature tomorrow just 28 degrees. so we're not going to be nearly as comfortable as we have been today. but at least we've got sunshine around for tomorrow. and still, i think, if you can get to maybe a drive-through car wash it would be a good idea to knock salt and chemicals off the car. here's a look at your outdoor impact. icey patches around tomorrow morning. sunday dry, warmer. sunday is the day to get out and get moving. even though we're expecting some afternoon clouds. really is going to be i think, all in all, a pretty nice weekend. it's not going to be raining, but rain is in the forecast right now.
5:19 pm
on monday there is a chance the high temperature is 38 but it's all about what we're looking at in the early morning. and that is 31-degree temperature. a lot of other neighborhoods starting out in the 20s. and with temperatures in the 20s starting out on monday there is the possibility of some early morning delays. maybe one or two. again, we're going to be tracking that very closely through the weekend. next week high temperatures mid and upper 30s. but another chance of some early morning wintry type weather. coming up later in the newscast real going to focus hard on monday. i'll take you hour by hour and show you our future weather where it puts those chances of seeing freezing rain. wendy, jim? >> all right. we have heard before women give birth without realizing they were even pregnant. and now we have one from massachusetts. a woman says she went to the e.r. for cramping and learned she was not only pregnant but she was in labor. and one hour later, she gave birth to a 10-pound -- >> wow! >> girl. the woman -- or lady.
5:20 pm
a ten-pound lady. the woman says she took birth control pills and thought her weight gain and swollen feet were from holiday eating and she has a job as a caterer. >> i think that just you know being on my feet all of the time from work, and christmas is so busy as it is. and just caught everything off guard. >> i've heard these stories over and over. and you hear them and you think, oh mied god, that's -- how did somebody not know. and this and that. and i can tell you that this is real. and true. and it happens. >> wow. both mom and baby are, as you see, doing well. family has to do some shopping. they don't even have a crib. they don't have anything. they didn't know she was pregnant. >> that's a big girl. that was some holidayeating. healthy baby girl. >> you can imagine when that baby kicked you, you would have to feel something. i don't know. who knows? the officers who were targeted by an angry dump truck driver are telling their story tonight. what they say the driver said just moments before he rammed their cruisers. and one after another, local
5:21 pm
stores are closing for good. we're going to take a look at what's the troubling trend that goes beyond just jcpenney closing some stores. and distracted mourners being targeted. we'll tell you how crooks are getting away with people's wallets and why it's happening over and over. we're coming right back.
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♪ we're pumped. are you ready? it's less than 24 hours away now from the nbc 4 health and
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fitness expo. >> and doreen gentzler has been at the washington convention center all afternoon getting a behind the scenes look at the events and activities this weekend. and joins us live with some ways you can achieve those workout goals this year. doreen? >> reporter: hello, wendy and jim. it's cold outside, but nice and warm looks like spring in the d.c. convention center. i'm in the kaiser permanente exhibit, and i'm in something that they're calling the yard. and this personal trainer is going to show how you can work out without spending a lot of money. >> exactly. and thank you so much for having us. we are happy to be here. we all have a lot of barriers we put up to kind of like not get fit. and as a full time personal trainer, i hear it all of the time. i can't get to the gym. it's going to cost me so much. but your gym is as close as your backyard. so that's what we're basically trying to do here. >> show me. >> we're going to do a tricep dip, the tricep on the back of
5:25 pm
the arm. all we did is sit up a little bit. and we are going to actually dip. dip down press up. so now we're working our upper torso, doing well. and we're going to add our abdominals bring our knee in and push out. okay. so in this one little movement, you're getting a full body workout. >> all right. >> you can do about 15 reps. >> and you're going to show people how to do in this weekend? that is just a sample there. is a whole lot more to it. there are a lot of free fitness options here at the nbc 4 health expo. gold's gym is offering a pound class that involves drumming. yoga pilates, dance classes, zumba, take a walk or run around the walking track here and also lots of active stuff for your children to do as well. bring them down to the d.c. convention center this weekend and wear them out. coming up later, i'm going to take an eye test to find out if i have a common condition that can cause blindness.
5:26 pm
it's a test you'll be able to take for free here this weekend at the health expo. it all kicks off tomorrow 9:00 a.m. at the d.c. convention center. jim and wendy, we're looking forward to having both you down here this weekend. >> we'll be there tomorrow. >> thanks doreen. we'll check back shortly. >> all right. see you soon. a few teenagers went shopping with a hammer. >> but they didn't pay. now at 5:00 tonight, new video of a smash and grab. why police want you to take a close look at this one. plus a maryland bishop charged in a deadly hit and run accident. how the state's attorney plans to make an example of this tragedy. nothing new about high schoolers taking college-level courses. but it's being guaranteed those credits and not having to pay for them that makes this program unique. i'm david culver in loudoun county. that story coming up. how can i avoid
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right now at 5:30 a scare in the air. >> a jolt to the plane, boom boom boom. >> and i was thinking this could be it. and my daughter is not ready to lose me. >> what the pilot told planes when they saw flames and smoke. plus free college tuition. it's already happening in northern virginia. today, a gaithersburg man pleads guilty to ordering a hit on his ex-wife. >> he thought he was meeting with a potential gun mappman, but he really was an undercover montgomery county cop. chris gordon has video and more details of that meeting.
5:30 pm
chris? >> reporter: you are looking at a murder for hire scheme caught on camera. this is police video, given to news4 by montgomery county prosecutors. the man you see thinks he is hiring a hit man to kill his ex-wife for $1,000. but the driver is just posing as a hitman after police were notified he solicited a friend trying to find a killer. >> this individual was notified this was a police inform ability. police set up a sting. >> reporter: the sting began at four corners in silver spring. he gave the officer pictures of his ex-wife and her address. he showed the undercover cop where she lives. prosecutors say he went to a money machine and withdrew 300$300 as a deposit on the $1,000 fee he offered to pay for the murder. minutes later, police arrested him for solicitation to commit
5:31 pm
first degree murder. he could have been sentenced to life in prison if convicted. but today in court, he entered a guilty plea. as part of a plea agreement that will put him in prison for the next 20 years. >> he's a wolf in sleep's clothing. this guy, highly educated good job, really presents very well. could very well get someone in his clutches again, and possibly do harm to them. so putting him behind bars for many years, it protects the public. >> the undercover police officer was not only taking video with a hidden camera he was also wearing a wire recording audio. and coming6:00 you will hear his own words when the officer asks about his plan for killing his wife. his cold-blooded answer ahead. wendy and jim. >> all right. dramatic surveillance video shows a smash and grab at a up columbia jewelry store. howard county police need your help to find the people you see in this video. the three teens were wearing hooded sweatshirts as they
5:32 pm
entered edward arthur jewelers monday night and used hammers to smash the display cases and swipe the watches. they even threatened a worker who tried to confront them. no injuries. if you have any information, you're asked to call the police. we are about to have a nice day. that's what two prince george's county police officers say a man told them just before ramming their cruisers with a dump truck. the officers say the man came up to them accusing them of killing his brother. when they told him they didn't know what he was talking about, and that he was blocking traffic, he went away. but they had a bad feeling. and he returned with his truck. slamming right into their cruiser. the suspect's name is gene brandon. he's being held tonight on attempted murder charges. a college education for free. that's what the president is proposing. president obama wants to make community college free for students who maintain a 2.5 gpa and attend school at least halftime. the president says the federal
5:33 pm
government would pay three fourths of the cost. states would pay the rest. he announced this plan in tennessee, where a similar program is already in effect. >> this isn't a blank check. it's not a free lunch. but for those willing to do the work and for states and local communities that want to be a part of this it can be a game-changer. >> congress would have to approve the legislation that would fund this program. there's a similar program already being tried out in loudoun county. some high schoolers are getting the chance to take college courses in their own classes, and it doesn't cost them. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver caught up with them in ashburn. eagle. >> reporter: eager eyes watch him rolling through his physics experiment. but this rock ridge high school course is also an experiment in and of itself. it's called college physics, and it's backed by richard bland college in central virginia.
5:34 pm
>> this is huge. it's absolutely huge because you get a class of kids that come from all different kinds of backgrounds, all right. and you're getting them in a college preparatory course which is actually a college course now. >> reporter: mr. hanky essentially doubles as a professor, because his students get eight college credits for this year-long course. >> the cost is zero. that's the beautiful part. >> we are taking a class that would have cost us close to a couple thousand dollars. >> reporter: junior harr carr wants to be a doctor. >> we live in a society where we mostly kind of have to go into debt to get the education that we need. and then once we have that degree we sometimes don't get a job right after college. >> reporter: it shouldn't be that way. i don't think i should have to be paying off my student loans by the time i'm 40. i think that's ridiculous. >> reporter: right now, rock ridge high school offers the physics course for those essentially free college credits. by next year they hope to expand it to history, english, and maybe even theater.
5:35 pm
while colleges are becoming more restrictive on giving credit for advanced placement courses, head of counseling kevin terry, tells me the credits in this course will transfer to all virginia universities and some 200 other colleges. >> so that's where these students are very excited that they know they're getting the credit at the end of the year. >> reporter: eventually kevin hopes his students will graduate high school with a free associates degree. in ashburn, david culver news4. he's been tasked with retooling a 4-12 football team. scott mccloughan has a great traffic record but is he the guy who will finally turn things around for the redskins. jason pugh fills us in. >> reporter: today is a new day for all redskins fans. the team introduced general manager, scott mccloughan. he and team president bruce allen have known each other for years. but it was actually his first face-to-face meeting with owner dan snyder that sold him on the redskins. >> when you see his eyes light up like that and just see, you
5:36 pm
know not just -- getting excited like a little kid. i think one of the gifts i have is being able to read people pretty quick and read through the bs and read through serious and see the passion in his eyes and excitement he gets to talk about the organization the fans and winning. >> reporter: mccloughan has an eye for talent. he's also dealt with issues in his personal life. he admittedly had a drinking problem that he says is now behind him. >> i'm not ashamed about it. i went through a tough phase in my life with my family. and i will tell you this. i grew professionally and personally and it's gotten me to the spot i am today. if i didn't think i could do it i would not put bruce or dan in this situation. >> reporter: mccloughan will have final say on all player personnel decisions. he did stress that head coach jay gruden would have full control of his coaching staff, including picking a new defensive coordinator. from redskins park i'm jason pugh news4 sports.
5:37 pm
dogs rescued from a meat farm. we're going to introduce you to rusty and his pals who are looking for new homes now that they are safe in our area. a bishop is charged tonight after hitting a father of two with her car and leaving the scene. we'll explain how prosecutors plan to make this an example, the second highest leader of the episcopal diocese of maryland. and consumer reporter erika gonzales takes a look at why so many local stores are now closing their doors. a cold start oh our weekend, and a cold start on monday. and a chance of this. that is freezing rain you see. i'll take you hour by hour through monday and show how it could impact our area, next.
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♪ it's your chance to learn some healthy cooking tips attend forums on stress and finances too. and, of course meet your favorite reporters and anchors. >> the nbc 4 health and fitness expo is coming to the washington convention center this weekend. >> and we have been getting a sneak peek of the events all afternoon long. >> doreen gentzler is getting some sort of health screening right now. what are you checking out? >> hi you guys. i'm taking a glaucoma test right now. it's really easy. it's not invasive you don't have to have eye drops. it only takes a minute or so. you just look at a computer screen and you can find out in a very short amount of time
5:41 pm
whether you have any early warning signs of glaucoma. dr. andrew addleson is with the prevention of blindness society in metropolitan washington. he's here. dr. addleson what's the reason to do a glaucoma test? >> it's a disease with very few symptoms until late in the disease process. by the time you realize you have a problem, it's usually 90% of the nerves damaged. by early detection, we can treat and reduce the risk of ever having a problem. so a simple test screening can give you a good idea of whether or not there is a problem. and there's a good way to treat the disease, but there is no way to reverse damage once it occurs. so it's a great way to find out before you have a problem when you're at the early stage if there is something that needs to be done. >> reporter: dr. addleson thank you. we hope people will take advantage of this free test and if they have early symptoms find out so they can do something about it early. >> thank you.
5:42 pm
>> thank you for being here. this is just -- by the way, i don't have the early symptoms of glaucoma. my test was normal. so it's nice to get good news down here. coming up on news4 at 6:00 i'll take a look at some of the other free medical tests and screenings that are available to anybody who comes down here to the d.c. convention center this weekend. saturday and sunday 9:00 to 5:00 and 9:00 to 4:00 on sunday. wendy, jim, i'll see you guys down here. >> yeah. well now we don't have to give you that gift. we were going to get you a special gift if you had glaucoma. but now you're healthy. health is the best gift of all. >> there is a whole menu of other tests. >> okay. you never know. >> thanks guys. >> thanks doreen. here's a look at the washington masonic memorial in alexandria. lighting up the early evening here. it's an observation of national law enforcement appreciation day. >> we'll have more on the other ways that people are showing support in our area for the local police and the regional police. that will be coming up in a live
5:43 pm
report at 6:00.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
i'm chris lawrence at the live desk where we are learning new information about the two sieges today in and around paris as it relates to the terrorists who attacked that french satirical newspaper. here's what we are learning. a paris prosecutor says the siege at the supermarket, the killer there had talked to the kouachi brothers. those are the other two suspects more than 500 times by phone. investigators are starting to make a connection between this group. the prosecutor also says the brothers who were in that siege
5:46 pm
at the print shop on the outskirts of paris were heavily armed with rifles, pistols and rpg and also similar arms for the person at that jewish supermarket, as well. the paris prosecutor ithers were shot dead rushing out of the print works, but one had been wounded before that siege began. we're going to have a full live report and a lot more information at the top at 6:00 but for now i'm chris lawrence. ludicrous and despicable how people are describeing thefts at a cemetery. our prince george's county bureau reporter darcy spencer is live in brentwood with more. darcy? >> reporter: when you think about the frame of mind that people are in when they come to a cemetery like this one, the last thing they're thinking about is someone breaking into their car and stealing their stuff. but that is exactly what's been happening here. and how special is this place to you?
5:47 pm
>> it means a lot to me. it's the resting place of my grandparents now. >> reporter: angela is outraged that someone is breaking into cars here at the ft. lincoln cemetery in prince george's county as people are visiting graves or burying their loved ones. >> i think that's ludicrous. it just shows a lack of characteristics and character and diminishing attitudes of individuals today. >> reporter: thieves have preyed on mourners in brentwood more than a dozen times just in the last year stealing valuables at a time when people are already hurting. >> my brother, my father my cousin. i've got two aunts right over there. we haven't had that problem when i was here. >> reporter: the last theft happen december 14th. a woman here for burial services had her purse stolen from her car. take a look at this surveillance photo. police say this woman used the victim's credit card for a shopping spree.
5:48 pm
>> about five days later, a credit card that was in the vehicle was used to purchase a few items, and at a lauren taylor store in mclean, virginia. >> reporter: the cemetery has stalled surveillance cameras, hired off-duty police and plans to post signs warning mourners to keep their valuables with them. a spokeswoman called the crimes despicable. those we spoke to agree. >> how low can you go? you're putting away your loved one, you can't get any sadr than that and then you come and break their window? that's insult to injury. >> reporter: now, if you recognize the woman in that surveillance photo, you are asked to call prince george's county police. coming up on news4 at 6:00 we'll tell you why police are investigating to see if some other thefts in the area could be connected to these. reporting live from brentwood, darcy spencer news4. >> darcy, thank you. their cute faces could melt many hearts but these sweet
5:49 pm
pups almost didn't live to make it to northern virginia. they were rescued from people overseas who wanted to sell them for food. as news4's zachary kiesch reports, now they're hoping to one day be family pets. >> reporter: if dogs could talk rusty would have a story. >> 23 dogs were transferred in from a dog meat farm in south korea. humane society international handled that operation. >> reporter: rusty and all her friends arrived on two separate flights, both monday and tuesday to dulles airport, saved at a price tag of about 2500 bucks. >> they would be sold at markets, and people would purchase them for their meat. >> reporter: now they have a new lease on life, it seems. new names, for sure. like cocoa and snowball. rusty looks like a little lion. the previous owner of the dogs was trying to get out of the business. >> he said come to my farm and visit my farm along with -- we have been to several other farms, too. he's just the first to say, what
5:50 pm
would you think of taking our 23 dogs. >> reporter: here at the animal welfare league of alexandria they have become superstars. today the dogs got time with the press and were transferred to five other shelters until they're ready to be adopted. shelters in loudoun, manassas alexandria arlington and the washington animal rescue league have all teamed together. >> there is a tremendous interest. lots of phone calls. >> reporter: animal welfare issues exist around the globe and right here in our own region. here they're working together to address a need. >> today is very significant, because it sheds light on the important work that human saturday international is doing worldwide. >> reporter: rusty has a story. what she needs now is a home. reporting in alexandria zachary kiesch news4. >> something tells me rusty is going to be in a home pretty soon. >> yeah fast. they're going to go. >> adorable and thank goodness they're here. so let's get a look at the weekend upon us and we're going to go dip down into the 20s again. >> yeah we stay below freezing
5:51 pm
tomorrow. we at least caught a little break today, right? as temperatures did get above freezing. 42 our high. 37 now. with that wind chill reading coming in currently at just 29 degrees, and it is going to be dropping off even more by tomorrow morning. so watch for ice early on. this is how low we get inside the beltway, around 18 degrees. other locations could drop down to about 14 15 degrees by morning. we start with sunshine. we'll end with sunshine. but a little bit of wind with a high temperature of 24 degrees, feels more around 15 to 19 degrees tomorrow just under 20. but here it is. your hourly forecast for tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. we stay in the clear. the high 28 around 3:00. then it gets cold again saturday night into sunday morning. but monday morning that, is the concern right now. we're looking at a new system coming up from the south, and with temperatures low enough again, starting out. look at this there could be a pocket of some freezing rain
5:52 pm
around areas like columbia howard county up north into washington county. that's the pink that you see here. and it could last really from about 4:00 a.m. until i think 9:00 a.m. this area lifts north, and we start warming up. that's the way it's looking now. but a little bit of freezing rain and issues for the morning. moderate rains through the day, and in fact most of monday looking wet. so at the bus stop on monday, possible delays. recess right now, cautionary dismissal. we were just talking about some showers right now still coming through by the time the kids start heading home. the way it's looking now, that's monday and of course don't forget to download our storm team 4 weather app. we can get you through with hourly forecasts and this. your seven-day forecast too. another chance of a little something on thursday. but at least we're not going to see an extremely cold pattern coming up next week as we have had to deal with the last couple days. >> thanks vj. the start of the new year has come with major stores announcing they're closing
5:53 pm
locations and some right here in our area. >> consumer reporter erika gonzales is here to tell us what this means for loyal shoppers. >> wet seal macy's and jcpenneys announced store closures and if you have a gift card you may wonder what's going to happen next. nearly every retailer allows you to shop online so you can feel comfortable knowing that card isn't going to waste. but if you want the in-store experience you may have to go to the next closest location jcpenney for instance shutting its doors in the manassas mall may mean you go ten miles further down to fair oaks or further to potomac mills. however, the national retail federation tells us it's normal for retailers to slim down at the start of a new year and focus their efforts on top performing stores. they're just getting in lots of information about how well their stores in the last year did, and this is when they make those decisions. and, of course the nrf also wanted to mention that the recent news of these store
5:54 pm
closures in no way compares to what we witnessed a few years back in the recession. jim, wendy, back over to you. >> thanks erika. a maryland bishop is now charged. police are accusing her of driving drunk when she hit and killed a cyclist. that's not the only illegal thing they say she did. and new at 6:00 a bold new approach to target distracted drivers. what you could lose if you are caught texting behind the wheel.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
she made history as the
5:57 pm
first female bishop in maryland's episcopal church. but tonight she is facing manslaughter and dui charges in a deadly hit and run with a bicyclist. prosecutors say her blood alcohol at the time nearly three times the legal limit. reporter jane miller has the latest now from baltimore. >> reporter: the charges accused bishop heather cook of being both drunk and distracted the saturday after christmas when she allegedly hit and killed bicyclist tom palermo. the charges include vehicular manslaughter driving under the influence, texting while driving and leaving the scene of a fatal accident. the charges were announced by new state's attorney marlin foes bee. she said she met with the palermo family yesterday. >> i've assured them we're going to pursue justice. and we would treat mrs. heather cook the same we would anyone else. >> reporter: investigators say the bishop and palermo were traveling south on roland avenue when cook swerveded to the
5:58 pm
right, veering into the marked bike lane. palermo was thrown into the windshield. cook allegedly kept going, waiting 30 minutes to return to the scene. police took her to a precinct where she agreed to a breath test. her blood alcohol level was allegedly .22, nearly three times maryland's legal limit of .08. cook's lawyer said the bishop's regular license was taken the day of the crash and hasn't driven since. >> she is distraught about the death of mr. palermo. and we will be examining the charges and doing the normal course of the case. right now, the technical details are that we're just figuring out a way to get her processed. >> reporter: bike maryland which organized vigils for palermo and turned his death into a public cause, welcomed today's development. >> it's a good step in making all of our roadways safe for
5:59 pm
everyone not just bicyclists. >> heather cook remains in jail. no bail has been set. now at 6:00 terror in paris. three suspects killed in a hail of gunfire as the search for an accomplice intensifies. the coordinated attacks captured the world's attention, and tonight there are new fears of more violence. people in paris were getting to work this morning when they learned they were under siege yet again. >> and now new details about the dramatic end to two standoffs. the brother were wanted for wednesday's attack took cover in a printing company after one was shot and injured by police. at the same time another suspect took homgs at a culture market. he killed four hostages before he died. we learned he spoke by phone to the kouachi brothers more than 500 times. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the developments. >> reporter: chris, thanks. the consensus among u.s. officials seems to be the french intelligence could and should have done a lot more to prevent these attacks. but despite the reported death
6:00 pm
today of four hostages the government says were killed by a terrorist, not police. french forces looked impressive. it was a coordinated police assault, and it worked. at a printing plant, the couch kouachi brothers were cornered. the brothers had a hostage. another gunman took numerous hostages at a kosher grocery store in paris, and threatened to kill them if the kouachis weren't freed. missed said both were tax by one terror cell high at bo


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